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May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

So this will be another short update. I can now show pics of what I made for my bestie. Her baby shower was really nice and she got lots of lovely gifts for the bebe!

I made her a circular knit baby blanket, a quilt, a knit baby kick sack, and cross stitch baby bloomers. I gave her a few things I picked up here and there as well. Pics of my handmade gifts are below.


On the needles

Currently I am working on another test knit for dartfrog911 on ravelry. It is a hat and cowl set. I actually caught a mistake and helped correct it! I am thoroughly enjoying this pattern and plan on making another set after this one to gift to my best friend for this winter. This set I made in scratchy red heart so I will keep it for myself. The pattern is for an advanced beginner. It uses slip stitches and four different colors, so it might be a challenge for beginners at first if you've never done anything like that before. I hadn't knitted anything quite like this before but it isn't overly difficult. I would definitely recommend this pattern.

I am still working on my candle flame shawl. It hasn't gotten much love this week though. I am almost finished with it and am really wishing I had another skein of the yarn. It's nowhere near as big as I would like it to be.


Well all of my seedlings have died. I am sad because I don't have any more of the different tomato seeds I had started. They were a mix of types I had never heard of before.

I did manage to finally get my garden tilled this week. When I went out there I found a large group of tomato plants ranging from three inches tall to about seven inches tall. I dug them up, tilled the garden, then separated and replanted about twenty of them. I still have a group of about ten of them in a big clod of dirt out there. I noticed that some of the smallest transplanted ones are dying, so I will try to replace them with the larger ones from the clod. Hopefully this means I will have a ton of tomatoes this summer! I was so surprised that the tomatoes I planted last year had reseeded themselves like that. They are all the same type, which I can't recall the name of right now. The fruits were about four inches across and not overly juicy but with a really great flavor. We used them for cooking and for sandwiches last year.
I am going to direct sow some squash, zucchini, bell peppers, wax peppers, and banana peppers tomorrow and hope some of them grow, if I have room left out there that is. I am not growing any okra or beans this year. I was going to grow some watermelon, cantaloupe, and pumpkin this year but I am so short on space I will have to pass on them. I was going to plant them outside my fenced in garden, but we have the cat now and I fear cat feces in my garden patches.

In other news I got some fish for Mother's Day. I got two Black Mollies that I've named Mike and Molly. I got four young snails that are either Mystery snails or Ramshorns or Ramhorns. Whichever is the right way to say that. I got four ghost shrimp as well but two of them are already dead. I'm going to call the pet store and see if they want me to bring them in and get more and if they have any ideas as to why they died. They are all getting along with Serenity's betta fish Zade. I hope none of the rest die!

I'm trying to remember if I had told you all about Miss Kitty. She is our new cat. She lives outside and for the most part seems to like it out there. She was my aunt's cat that she had found in a parking lot. A week of so after she brought her home, Miss Kitty had kittens and was renamed Mama Cat. As soon as she weaned the kittens, my aunt put them all outside. The problem was that shortly afterward baby chicks started showing up dead. Miss Kitty is an excellent mouser, but my aunt was worried that she was the one killing the chicks. Instead of taking her off to a pound my daughter talked me into bringing her home with us. She wandered a bit the first couple of days, getting into fights. She has settled down a lot and likes to sit with me on the deck and doze. She is always wanting food, even if she has just eaten. I worried when I didn't see her most of today and she hadn't even been home to eat, but she turned up right at dinner time. Who knows, maybe she wants to have another litter soon and that is why she was out prowling the neighborhood today.

So that about wraps it up today. No new finishes. Pictures of my no longer super secret gifts. A new test knit. And new pets.

Until next time my faithful tanglers....

Happy Crafting
Happy Mother's Day

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