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September 11, 2013

A (gasp!) knitting update!

I know, I know, it's been way too long since I updated anything of a knitting nature. I have been so caught up in all the reviews and giveaways I have going on that I have totally neglected my knitting and other hobbies. My blog has turned into a full time, twelve hours a day at least,  time suck!

I have started back on knitting the hubby's blanket. I don't know how I'm going to get this done along with my daughter's blanket that I haven't even started on, by Christmas. I still tend to fall asleep while knitting on it! It's just really repetitive knitting! It is pretty mindless so I always think I can knit on it while watching some TV, but I find that I lay it down while watching without even noticing until an hour later when I realize I only managed about twenty stitches in that whole time! Shame on me!

My husband really likes how it is turning out so far. I don't know if it will be as wide as he wanted it, but it will be close. As long as it is wide enough for both of us to snuggle under together, he will be happy. He wants it for that, and for wrapping up in it while he lays around, playing the Xbox 360 on his days off. He is always covered up, even if it is 115 degrees outside! I think it is because he is so skinny, that his body can't keep warm :)

I'm trying to remember the name of this pattern. It's something like square in square blanket or something. It's a free pattern from red heart or somewhere like that. I am knitting it out of Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn in the colorway Earth. My husband really likes this colorway. I had made a lapghan last year out of it, and that's when he decided he wanted a full sized blanket out of the same yarn. I can't remember if I'm knitting on size 8 or size 10 knitting needles. They are Boye or whatever the brand is that you can buy at places like WalMart and Micheal's, so they don't have the size marked on them anywhere. They don't even have dedicated colors to specific sizes! I have three size 10 I believe in this brand and they are all different colors yet all the same length and size. Makes no sense to me!

Well, that is about it for my knitting update. That is all I have worked on in the last couple of months, Not much progress at all. I am going to make myself sit down and work on it at least a half hour a day, hopefully more, from now on. I will listen to audio books or something, instead of turning on the TV!

So, until next time, my ever faithful tanglers....... HAPPY CRAFTING!

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