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July 11, 2013

Who knits a blanket? I do!

Not a whole lot to report. I finished a cowl for my aunt. She sent me a pattern and asked me if I could knit it for her. I am not pleased with the end result at all. It was all mitered squares which I guess is a lot like entrelac. It used four colors for the squares. Every square I had to pick up stitches and apparently I don't do it right because it looks weird where I did. But it's done and I'll send it off to her and hope she likes it ok.

I also finished a shawl for myself. My husband laughed and said "it's actually a shawl sized shawl for once!" For some reason my shawls always turn out child sized even though I follow the patterns as they are written. I guess it might be because I knit so tightly? I believe this shawl was call the easy as pie shawl. I think it turned out very pretty. I haven't blocked it because I still don't have any blocking equipment but I'm pleased with it. Only one mistake that I can see. For me that's amazing!

I'm now working on my husband's full sized blanket. It's going to take forever! He's so tall that it has to be pretty long and he wants it to at least cover the top of the bed width wise. I hope I get it right! Not that he will complain or anything. He loves everything I knit. He's my biggest fan.

Now, my gardening. Or lack of. Most of my twenty something tomato plants and dozen pepper plants have died. Everything else I planted has died as well. My hopes are that next year I'll have the means to really work the ground into something that actually supports life! This clay and sand is just so different than what I'm used to. But I'm persistent if nothing else and I'm going to fertilize and mulch and everything else next year that I couldn't this year. So I'll just try to keep my few survivors surviving this summer and see what happens.

I have two new additions to the family now! Two kittens Abigail and TomTom. Abby is white with grey splotches and her brother is white with yellow. They're cute and annoying. We were supposed to find a new home for them for my mother in law, but I got attached on the car ride with them and ended up bringing them home with me. They mew all the time and want in the house even though they've alway been outside kitties, and they are always underfoot if you step outside. They like to go for walks with me and the kids down to my daughter's friend's house where they drive the dogs absolutely mad with frustration. The dogs really want to get hold of such tasty snacks, but are stuck on the other side of the fences. I call the kitties the dummy twins because every time they run down there they freak out when the dogs start barking. Seems like they would learn to either keep their distance from the area, or not freak out. Dummies! LOL

Well I hope everyone is having a great summer so far! Ours has been pretty good. We celebrated our first anniversary this month. One year of marriage and being legally a family together. This month is also our seven year together anniversary. It feels like seventy sometimes! I don't mean it in a bad way at all. My husband. children, and I always get along as if we were always together from the beginning. Most people don't even realize that he's their stepdad instead of just dad. Then they do the math and realize he woulda been nine when our son was born! Hahaha It's always funny! Of course I'm weird and have an, ummm, 'unique' sense of humor.

Alrighty, I'm going to end this now. I really need to get a computer so I can get back to inserting pictures throughout my posts. I miss that! Anyway, until next time my crafty crafters.....

Happy Crafting!

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